Earth and Planetary Sciences 131




Winter Quarter, 2017


John Rundle

Professor of Physics and Geology


Above: Tsunami from Magnitude 9.1 Earthquake on March 11, 2011


Video of Tsunami Inundation


(NHK Image and Video)

Course Syllabus

Lectures can be found in the folders HERE or HERE

Also, please see the videos and other hazards commentary, the global hazards news feed, and the global earthquake forecast and US hazard viewer.


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Please note that course work can be turned into Professor Rundle either in class, or at his office in 2131 Geology or

534B Physics-Geology by 5:00 pm on the due date.


Week of:


Reading Assignment


(Refers to 8th Edition)

Weekly Questions

1 January 9

Introduction to Natural Disasters

Introductory Video on Natural Disasters

Living in Cities

Geoff West on Cities-I

Geoff West on Cities-II

Chapter 1

(Lectures 1,2 in folders)

Questions on Introduction

2 January 16

Earth Structure and Origin

Video on the Origin of Earth

Earthquake Science

Chapters 2,3

(Lectures 3-7 in folders)

See Especially:
Lecture 4-6 Summary
Lecture 7

NY Times article on how the poor are most affected by natural disasters

Questions on Earth Structure

Questions on Earthquake Science
3 January 23

Earthquake Science (cont.)
Catastrophic Earthquakes

Chapter 4

(Lectures 8-10 in folders)

Questions on Catastrophic Earthquakes

4 January 30

Tohoku Earthquake
Fukushima Meltdown

Chapter 5

(Lectures 11,12 in folders)

Questions on Tohoku EQ
5 February 6

Earthquake Forecasting

Chapter 8

Questions on Tsunamis
6 February 13

Introduction to the Atmosphere

First Exam: Friday Feb 17

Chapter 6,7

Questions on Volcanoes

7 February 20

Atmospheric Structure

Chapters 9, 12

Questions on Atmospheric Structure

Guidelines for Paper

Paragraph description of course project due February 22

8 February 27  

Atmospheric Science
Ocean Dynamics

Chapters 10,11,13


Questions on Atmospheric Science

Questions on Ocean Dynamics
9 March 6


Global Warming
Atmospheric Modes

2011 Tornado Outbreak Video

Questions on Global Warming

Questions on Modes

10 March 13

Tropical Cyclones

Catastrophic Cyclones

If Time Permits:

Disaster Economics
Disaster Response

Chapters 14, 15

New York Times Article:
"In Nature's Casino"

Questions on Tropical Cyclones

Questions on Catastrophic Cyclones

Questions on Miscellaneous Disasters

Course Projects Due
by 5:00 pm Monday March 13

March 23 (Thursday)
10:30 am -12:30 pm

Final Exam