Physics - Geology 30


Fractals, Chaos and Complexity


Winter Quarter, 2018


John Rundle

Professor of Physics and Geology


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Course Syllabus


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Please note that homework can be turned into Professor Rundle either in class, or at his office in 2131 Geology
or 534B Physics-Geology by 5:00 pm on the due date.

Note:  The material in the book by Schoeder is more advanced, and is provided
for students who want to further explore the topics

The material in the book by Feldman covers many of the same topics but is optional.

Web Site That May be Used for Some Course Material



Reading Assignment


Homework/Lab Assignment

Homework Due Date

1  January 8

Introduction - Exploring Fractals and Chaos

Peak & Frame

Chapter 1, pg 5-17



Chapter 1, 1-25

Course Flyer

The Santa Fe Institute

Overview of Complexity

SFI Big Questions

Pattern Shells

Patterns in Game of Life

Dow Jones Industrials

Parkfield Earthquake Prediction

Climate Change

Jennifer Dunne on Interactions

Geoff West on Cities-I

Geoff West on Cities-II

Duncan Watts on Common Sense and Complex Systems

Forecasting Disasters

Video Feedback: Setting it Up

Video Feedback 1

Video Feedback 2

Video Feedback Crutchfield

Explore Frame Web Site

Frame Web Site:

1 - 1D

Homework: Write a paragraph about your previous experience with fractals and chaos

Friday January 12


2  January 15

Fractals - Fractal Generators & Iterated Function Sets

Intro to Probability

Peak & Frame

Chapter 1, pg 18-40


Chapter 1, 25-49

Optional: Feldman Chapters 14-15

Scaling Laws 

Fractal Antennas

Problems 1


Wednesday Jan 24
3  January 22 Fractals - Cont.

Fractal Dimensions

Peak & Frame

Chapter 2, All

Begin Chapter 3


Chapter 9

Optional: Feldman Chapter 17

Sierpinski Tetrahedron


Hilbert Curve

Fractal Pattern

4  January 29

Fractals, Power Laws, Introduction to Chaos


Peak & Frame

Chapter 3, All

Begin Chapter 4



Chapter 3

Chapter 10, 211-225

Optional: Feldman Chapter 18

Market Probabilities

Rundle Research

Bruce Malamuds Talk

 Problems 2  Wednesday Feb 7
5 February 5 Chaos

Iterated Maps
Logistic & Tent Maps
Attractors & Fixed Points

Peak and Frame

Chapter 4, 5


Schroeder Chapter 12

pp 268-286

pp 89-294

Optional: Feldman Chapters 1-7

Chaotic Attractors

Lorenz Attractor

NY Times Article:
"In Natures Casino"  

Atmospheric Modes

Problems 3 Wednesday Feb 14
6  February 12

Complex Fractals Mandelbrot Set


Fractal Boundaries

Newton's Method


Peak and Frame

Chapter 7
Chapter 8



Chapter 11, 237-245
Chapter 12, 295-299

Optional: Feldman Chapters 20-22 Video on Lorenz Attractor

M Set Introduction

Tour of M Set

Filled Julia Set

Problems 4

+ 1-paragraph description of project - see syllabus for some examples of possible projects

Friday Feb 23

Due Friday Feb 23

7  February 19

Cellular Automata

Artificial Life

Theory of Computation


Peak and Frame
Chapter 9

Schroeder Chapter 17, 371-386

Optional: Feldman Chapters 23-25

Fractal Stock Prices


Problems 5

Friday March 2

8  February 26  

Theory of Computation (cont.)

Neural Networks




Chapter 10, 232-236

Optional: Feldman
Chapters 26-27

SFI Complexity Course

Computation in CAs


Neural Network Application

Dan Shiffman on Nature of Code

Daniel Shiffman on CAs I

Dan Shiffman on CAs II

Dan Shiffman on Game of Life

Actual Turing Machine

NY Times Article on AI


Problems 6

Guidelines for Paper

Friday March 9
9 March 5

Information Theory


Cluster Growth


Pattern Formation

Information Theory



10  March 12

Data Science

Gambling (as a Form of Applied Probability)

Financial Forecasting

Options Trading

Examples and Applications

Suzy Moat on Big Data

Jim Simons on Quant Investing

Cities and Sustainability

Conflict as Computation

History and Inevitability

Summary & Discussion

Course Projects Due by 5:00 pm Monday March 12

Please hand in all outstanding work by Friday March 16